Ramsden, Marfice, Ealy & Harris, LLP

Real Estate Litigation

Our real estate lawyers are experienced in representing property owners and real estate professionals, including owners, developers, brokers, agents, appraisers, and title insurers in Idaho and Washington.

Real Estate Litigation

It is often said that the acquisition of real estate is likely to be the single biggest purchase in a person’s lifetime.  When the stakes are that high, there is a constant threat of costly litigation in real estate transactions. At RMEH, we work hard to minimize that risk, but if real estate related litigation is unavoidable, you can count on our experienced trial attorneys to represent your interests effectively in court.

We represent property owners as well as a wide variety of real estate professionals, including developers, promoters, brokers, agents, appraisers, and title insurers throughout Idaho and Washington in all manner of litigated cases and arbitrations. We are dedicated to promoting and protecting our clients' financial interests and to help them control the costs when unanticipated litigation occurs. We strive to recognize, evaluate, and prevent disputes that arise from competing interests in the real estate arena and to guide our clients toward the most economical and least contentious outcome whenever possible.

No matter how your real estate related legal issue arose, you can trust that we have the experience and knowledge to offer the guidance you need. We handle cases involving:

·         Purchase and Sale Agreements (Enforcement/Damages for breach/Interpretation)

·         Eminent Domain and Condemnation Defense

·         Easement, Access and Boundary Line Disputes

·         Encroachment Cases

·         Quiet Title Actions

·         Foreclosure Litigation

·         Trespass and Property Damage Actions

·         Partition Actions

·         Property Manager/Landlord Representation