Experienced Mining law & litigation attorneys

Ramsden, Marfice, Ealy & Harris represents clients throughout Idaho in matters involving mining law. Our attorneys represent municipalities, mining companies, and individuals in the application of mining law to business transactions, administrative proceedings, and litigation. Our mining law experience includes conveyance and reservation of mineral rights, together with easements, for access to mineral deposits. Our attorneys can assist in drafting agreements for exploration of minerals and can set up joint ventures to develop and mine mineral deposits.

In addition to assisting with the transactional aspects of mining law, our attorneys provide opinion and advice relating to ownership and rights associated with mining property, the financing of mining ventures, the status of title in regards to mining property, and the application of various mining-related laws, including the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and Superfund, to name a few.

The attorneys at RMEH are experienced litigators representing clients in connection with breach of mining contracts, title and access to mineral deposits, regulatory and environmental disputes. Although able to pursue our clients' interests in court, we are also effective in negotiating practical legal solutions related to mining contracts, environmental and regulatory actions, and other mining-related disputes.