Idaho & Washington Creditor Representation Attorneys

The creditor representation attorneys at Ramsden, Marfice, Ealy & Harris offer a wide range of professional services to banks, businesses, and other creditors, including documentation of loans, perfection of security interests, lien foreclosures, collections help, and representation in bankruptcy court. We help our clients establish and assert their creditors' rights, help collect the money owed to them, and protect their interests should they be sued in court.

Loan Documentation & Security

Our attorneys are experienced in assisting creditors in documenting loans and preparing security agreements and loan guarantees to provide additional protection should a creditor default on repayment. Our creditor representation lawyers can also assist in establishing escrow accounts to administer the loan repayment.

Debt Collection Services

RMEH understands that small businesses and other creditors depend on receiving payments from their clients, vendees, business partners, and service users to operate. That is why we fight hard to ensure our clients receive what is owed to them. Our creditor representation lawyers can:

  • Obtain and perfect security interests
  • Write collection letters demanding payment
  • Prosecute claims and obtain judgments against debtors
  • Record a lien against debtor's property
  • Garnish wages and accounts of judgment debtors and execute against non-exempt assets
  • Assist with foreclosure actions

Creditor Rights in Bankruptcy

Our attorneys have experience representing creditors in bankruptcy proceedings. While debtors are looking for ways to reduce payments, we are here to make sure our clients recover as much of their original payment as possible. For instance, if a debtor is filing bankruptcy under Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code, we will advise on whether to approve the repayment plan or negotiate for a more favorable one.

In addition, we can assist creditors in lifting the automatic stay to foreclose on secured property or in determining whether an obligation is non-dischargeable under the bankruptcy code. We will assertively represent creditors' rights and interests in bankruptcy court.

To learn more about our creditor representation practice, contact an attorney at Ramsden, Marfice, Ealy & Harris.